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Para Kiss Teaser!

I'm still not sure how I feel about the casting choices. George seems a little derpy and I love Keiko but I'm not sure how she will do as Yukari, but that is how it goes. XD It's exciting non the less! WAI WAI!


Seriously was all teary eyed. <3


I got my Meta Lucky Pack today!

I've always kind of liked the leopard heart print so SCORE! Its going to be awesome to coordinate. lol

The only thing that doesn't fit is the shirt, so I'll need to sell it. It's gorgeous with tulle lace. Anyone interested? =D


Re: Alejandro


Random Project!

If you are on my twitter or flickr you might have already seen these but I felt the need to share again. =3

I had an old office chair that was awesome because it works for drafting table height, so it's awesome for a tall person like me. Sadly the padding in it gave out about 10 years ago. XD Out of desperation of a numb bum, I decided to recover it!

Chair Recover - Covered with muslin and new foam

These are not the marshmallows you are looking for...finished product is under here!Collapse )




Prescriptives to Close

Sad, sad day for some of my fellow make-up junkies. Estee Lauder has decided to close Prescriptives. T_T

I have relied on Prescriptives for my daily foundation for years, and now I must move on. I have always been a hard color to match so I'm unsure where to go next. I'm loving my Make-up forever HD foundation but it's too expensive and too much coverage for everyday wear. *sigh*

They will still continue to sell through thier website untill stock is gone I'm not sure when counters are closing but if there is something you really love stock up now before it's gone forever. T_T

from Temptalia --> http://www.temptalia.com/prescriptives-to-close


Cosplay Spam!!

Hello world what a Monday! *whew*

Things have definately slowed down in the cosplay world for me (as in I'm no longer cranking our 3 costumes for each con XD), but I still love it very much and I've been working with Makoto to update our website with costumes that haven't been posted yet (some as old as 4 years ago). I know that's sad, but when you have a group and 3 new costumes a con it's hard to keep up!

So after updating 30+ costumes I'd like to invite you join the Paper Wings Cosplay Community here on livejournal. =D I've been trying to keep things up to date, so if you are interested please join!

PW Cosplay Group shot!


Progress shots will be posted there along with gallery and website updates!


Infinity Dress

I've been meaning to post this for a while now but here is a fun simple dress pattern. You can tie the straps in a ton of different ways. =D
Just don't sew the waistband in the wrong way like I did lol! I haven't worn mine yet because I still need to fix it. ^_^;;
I promise to post pictures when I do!



June May from Cloth Road

June May from Cloth Road
Originally uploaded by applcheeks.
*throws flower petals*

Here is a picture of my completed June May costume =D It's unfortunate that you can't see any of the electrical elements in the photos.
There was El Wire around the neckline and the bottom of the bodice, fiber optic hair pieces, the lights under the dress and LEDs in the ass flower.

These were so much fun!! OMG LOVE MANGA COSPLAY 4EVAR!
I'll post pictures of the group later. =3