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Cosplay Spam!!

Hello world what a Monday! *whew*

Things have definately slowed down in the cosplay world for me (as in I'm no longer cranking our 3 costumes for each con XD), but I still love it very much and I've been working with Makoto to update our website with costumes that haven't been posted yet (some as old as 4 years ago). I know that's sad, but when you have a group and 3 new costumes a con it's hard to keep up!

So after updating 30+ costumes I'd like to invite you join the Paper Wings Cosplay Community here on livejournal. =D I've been trying to keep things up to date, so if you are interested please join!

PW Cosplay Group shot!


Progress shots will be posted there along with gallery and website updates!



Apr. 7th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Dragon*con is labor day weekend, same as AnimeFest :X